That's the power of video learning.

At TV4Education, we pride ourselves on being Australia's largest video resource library- but where do our videos come from?
We record TV and videos from over 100 video sources. This includes free to air channels and a range of premium educational content providers.
Every video on TV4Education is ad free every single time and no request is off limits.
That's 150,000 videos to start with plus more every single day.

TV4Education customers can choose from a selection of new videos every single day.
We know that teachers are already incredibly busy.
As a TV4Education customer you can request programs off free to air TV or premium sources, or you can request suggested videos for a topic, subject or curriculum code. 
That's why we offer our research team to your school community: to find the best video resources for your needs, not just for the subject.

Our videos are matched to the Australian Curriculum, and you can request videos for any curriculum subject or code and receive a reply to your inbox within 48 hours.
Browse subjects and themes with ease, thanks to the easy to navigate subject search buttons.

It's a fact that over 80% of Aussie teachers now use youtube to benefit their classrooms. Help to build a library of educational resources for your school while also keeping your staff and students safe by showing youtube videos in "safe" mode, without external ads or inappropriate suggested videos.

Youtube has some incredible teachers creating video lessons and classroom tools. We've created a library just for those videos and matched them to curriculum subjects, age groups and interest areas.
Search over 50,000 videos in this library and know that each and every video is safe to play in the classroom and has high educational value.

SmartLessons - Ready to use lessons
Browse our lesson library for ready made interactive digital video lesson. Matched by year level AND curriculum codes to save you time. 

SmartClassrooms - Make your own lessons
You might be able to build a lesson around one video, but can you build one lesson with multiple clips, utilising different videos, quizzes and captions? With TV4Education you can!

However your students learn
TV4Education just works

BYOD or 1:1

TV4Education currently works with schools that have all kids of technology policies. Our solution fits into your needs, not the other way round.

Apple or PC

Apple? PC? Both? As an app free solution, TV4Education is as simple as "load and go", on any device.

Flipped or Blended Learning

TV4education includes a whole host of digital learning tools. Create digital lessons and interactive classroom activities. Challenge students who race ahead, while monitoring students who are struggling - all from the same lesson.

Smart Boards, Projectors, Paper and Pens

Smart boards? TV4Education just works. Projectors? Just works. What if a student has forgotten their laptop? All our digital lessons convert to printable activities so they can buddy up with a friend or follow the lesson presentation style.

Teacher Benefits

Never run out of
video storage

Each teacher has their own page, "My Items". Here they can save the videos they love, create lessons and share videos with students and teachers,
They'll never run out of space to store their videos - ever!

Never miss a program

Request any free to air program from the last 70 days, and we will get it to you ad free, everytime. 
Request any premium program 24 hours in advance, and it's yours ad free. Not sure when a program aired, ask and our research team will work their magic.

Shared knowledge

Every video, topic or curriculum code request that we find video content for, is shared with every TV4Education customer. That means if you're a year 8 maths teacher you can see what year 8 maths teachers all over Australia are using in their classrooms.